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For years after the invention of computers, we have been using email. No doubt after Whatsapp & chatting apps in place it is used comparatively lesser but to make anything official we still use emails. In our personal opinion email has given us an average 300% return on investment. Yes, sending an email is cheap and if done right it directly goes to your target audience inbox. But the main task at hand in any email campaign is to have an appealing email template design & send personalized emails if possible to maximize conversions. Further reading this page will better your understanding of how we function as your email marketing agency.

What is Email Marketing?

The use of email and broadcasting it to a group of people (your target audience) is called email marketing. Mostly in email marketing, people send offers, coupons, requests for business & donations. The purpose of the email decides the design and format.


As an Email marketing agency, we follow the following process to ensure great ROI in digital marketing.

cheap emails

Write Great Content

Step 1

Email marketing company

Designing Email Template

Step 2

Email Marketing Agency

Testing for mobile responsive

Step 3

Email Marketing Services

Personalisation of emails

Step 4

Email Marketing Services

Sending test mails

Step 5

Email Marketing Agency


Step 6

Email marketing company
How we are a perfect fit as your email marketing agency?
  1. We help you in building your subscriber and target audience list.
  2. We create content that helps the readers understand better and also engage in a discussion with you.
  3. We try to make the emails as personalized as possible as statistics show that people respond to personalized emails more often as compared to others.
  4. We take care of technical things the make your email go into the spam folder. We make sure that a great percentage of our emails are in the inbox.
  5. We use action buttons like call or reply for the receivers to generate more leads.
  6. Last but the most important. We create the most appealing email template design for your potentials customers.

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Email marketing allows you to reach people on a 1 on 1 basis and directly engage them in your product or service. If done right email marketing can prove to be a game changer.
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