If you are new to the world of SEO and are exploring the topic of link building or link acquisition or if you have been doing this for quite some time and are looking for a quick refresher we have some better ideas and clarifications for you.

as it is always good to look at the review the fundamentals and link also commonly called a backlink ,inbound link or inward link. Link is a web page (with help of a hyperlink) pointing to your web page. If someone decided to place a link to your website for your visitors to visit you with you have received the link so generally speaking this would be a good news for you as your website now has extra exposure and will restart and start receiving visitors who have been referred to you from your website. Though the presence of this link and also benefit your rankings in search results leading to even more visitors finding your site but why does the presence of this link impact your SEO?

The best answers starts with explaining how search engines use and depends on links to function so to explain let’s look at the big picture of what a search engine does?

The first thing it does is is it navigates or crawls the web in to discover content then indexes this content in large data bases.It calculates the relevancy and the meaning of content and it runs the content versus other items available in the database and then finally it serves as results in milliseconds.When we request it by performing a search engine as the internet is a big and ever challenging place search engines needs a lot of computing power match with smart software to do this task on a 24 hour a day 7 days a week basis and as the scope of the challenges a way beyond what a person or a team of people could do manually the engineers at search engine have looked to develop machine learning methods to try and keep up 1 way they have done this is by using algorithms.

Algorithms is a process of set off rules to be followed in calculations and problem solving situations and these algorithms are at the very heart of what makes a search engine crawler good or bad at this.