Target-based advertisement according to user information is called Contextual marketing, it can be online and mobile marketing. Displaying the right content at the right moment based on user search history and other parameters (basically behavioral targeting). The idea is to offer users the ad in which they are already interested.

The goal is to present ads to customers representing products and services they’re already curious about . for instance, a customer performs an online look for commuter cars and fuel efficiency. Then when the user is browsing the ads related to cars will be displayed alongside the browsing section. The customer, already brooding about saving fuel on their commute, clicks on the ad to see out the newest hybrids.

Gather data on customers’ interests, also as information on how that data is suffering from context (home vs. work, geographic location, etc.)
use statistical methods and software to collect data about click-thru and conversion for online ads
evaluate customers’ responses to contextual advertising, and make recommendations about the way to fine-tune how the advertising is targeted