After you have segregated the lead generation into two parts is paid and organic then comes the battle between the two major giants of online advertisement i.e. Facebook ads and google ads. Now Google has its partner and dominates the search engine while facebook has many sub social media companies such as Instagram etc. and dominates the social media marketing platform.

So now it is up to you to decide where to invest your money in terms of ads when you need a good ROI.

There are multiple factors that need to be kept in mind for example:-

Facebook Ads

  1. They are the best for creating awareness.
  2. With these ads, you can reach people on Facebook.
  3. The average required budget is comparatively smaller.
  4. The demographics of Facebook ads mainly are based on interest & age.

Google Ads

  1. This is best for reaching people who are ready to buy as they will type in the keyword and your ad will display.
  2. Can reach people with a google account.
  3. The average budget to run such ads is comparatively higher.
  4. The ad is mainly based on keywords and target areas.

There is no proper solution to choose from. As a digital marketer, I would suggest you try both of them with an equal budget and then choose which gives you a better ROI breakeven.