The game is ON or OFF – Digital Marketing Agency in Ahmedabad

SEO is search engine optimization and is used to rank higher in organic search of browsers. There are mainly 2 types of SEO i.e. ON page and OFF page SEO. All work that is done on a website for SEO is called ON page SEO and all the work regarding a website that is done on other websites is called OFF page SEO.

We are going to list down the key difference between both of them. It is essential for SEO that you do both.


  • Tells the crawlers what our website is all about, is relevant to the keywords, and is quick and handy to do.
  • It is comparatively less time taking and can be done very quickly if you are skilled.
  • Mostly on-page SEO is done once a week or when a new page or keyword is added.



  • Tell the crawlers how important a website is in terms of authority & popularity.
  • Needs time to build and is related to backlinks. This takes time as you might need to create content for submissions and ppt, etc.
  • Needs constant attention almost daily as it is an ongoing process and requires a lot of laborious work to go through this.

So this was the difference between on-page SEO and off-page SEO but still, I would like to repeat the point that both are essential in order to achieve higher rankings. One cannot be overlooked for the betterment of others. If you are capable enough or have the time to do it yourself then this is a method for you to generate leads easily once you rank high on google search keywords but if you do not have the time or knowledge to do this you can always hire a good digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad, CPBG Digital.