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Corona Pandemic has pressed the economy with burdens like a spring and it’s time to bounce back. So are you using digital marketing as a powerful marketing tool to come back on track and are you tapping the market the right way? If yes then here are some pro tips that might come in handy to you or you can visit our website: to learn how we provide digital marketing services and how you can benefit from them! 
So before we start you need to have basic knowledge about SEO & Social Media Marketing!
Here are the 5 pro tips:-
1. Blog As Much As You Can!
Every business today small or big has a website or social media pages where it can put up updates regarding their business. And since the corona pandemic is running a marathon for the last 4 months it’s been a little tight situation for most people. So your existing clients must be following you on Instagram or Facebook, so start posting information regarding your product or service and how you can be useful to them and don’t forget to mention the “WITH corona safety”. With this, they will start reading about your products and know that you are back again and try to share that blog as much as possible and ask your friends to share also.
2. Email them all
You must be having a list of email ids of your existing clients also potential clients, if not then you can make one by gathering email ids from their websites or directories. The best way to market is to send a list and price of services and ask them to support vocal for local and create a very nice email template to draw them out. You can use platforms like Mailchimp to send bulk emails (there are other platforms also in alternative to Mailchimp but in my personal opinion it is the easiest platform to use.) Analyse and change your email content weekly or monthly depending upon the updates that you have in your services & products.
3. Ask for help
One of the oldest and best method is to market your product or service with a pre or post product or service in respect to your service. For example: mobile covers and you have a friends or contact who is into selling mobiles or mobile related other stuff then you can ask him/her to market their product along with yours or as an addon and you can do the same for them.
4. Paid Social Media Advertisement
Identify your market first, is it the users of Facebook or Instagram or linked in. Then use the demographics to target the specific kind of users and you can start with a weekly budget of 50$ and see where it goes. It has a great potential to generate leads in low budget. But be sure to change the ad styles and demographics and budget according to the circumstance and analytics.
5. Youtube – Video Paid Advertisement
Yes for this you need to have a great video creation agency that is capable of creating an advertisement for your product or service. Here is one which has been our vendor since a long time:  and then you can take the video to YouTube advertisement and also use it on Facebook, Instagram & linked in to run ads. Yes video ads can get you a better ROI than those static ads but it needs only one thing, the video ad should be catchy.
So these were the 5 tips to bounce back in digital marketing for your business, let us know what you are doing different in the comments & if you are looking for a digital marketing agency to handle your social media or your website then CPBG Digital is worth a look. CPBGDIGITAL.COM
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