How cover-19 is changing the methods and way of doing business?

Where a lot of business people are suffering, many have come up with new ways to earn.

When we were in lockdown, you must have noticed how the demands of groceries were going through an app and were a necessity.

First, let us establish the advantages of doing business online!

  1. No need for a big office.
  2. No need for maintenance of the office.
  3. Your product shelf life is your only limit or marketing (for example, if your product expires in 7 days then you can sell at max where your product can reach in 3 days and if it is non-expiring product then the world is your market)
  4. Promote you vocal for local to GLOBAL (By this method automatically many businesses will capture the demand at each and every corner)
  5. Online payments make your accounting part much clearer and easy.
  6. Time of customer & seller both is saved
  7. Money is saved while selling online as the cost automatically comes down except for the transportation part!


Now that we have established what are the advantages of doing business online, the second question might come to your mind is that “HOW, WHY, WHEN, WHERE, WHAT WILL BE THE COST TO SET UP, etc, etc!”

So there are a lot of ways through which you can tap into the online market!

  1. Become a seller on an established portal (AMAZON, GROFERS, UDAAN, URBAN CLAP)
  2. Your own e-commerce or website with a payment gateway.
  3. Your own App
  4. Social Media (Not the best idea but today many businesses are thriving on this alone and doing good)


Now if you are expecting that you will upload your products and services on any of the given portals and you will get a lot of orders instantly, then you are expecting wrong! Like every other aspect of the business, you have to do marketing (paid or unpaid that is up to you!) and find tricks to reach your customer and be found easily before your competition (It will be the next blog topic).


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