7 pro tips on – How to choose the perfect domain name

Your domain name is very essential just like the name of your company. Now it is not necessary that they both should match exactly but it all depends on your marketing strategy too. It can be related to your business name or you can choose pure SEO purpose and focus on keywords while buying the domain or you can balance it both.


Let’s take a look at the tips:-




Go for .com as much as possible:

Firstly .com is widely accepted as the best domain extension and .com is the most common too plus it does not relate to any country or business type so it gives you much more freedom comparatively.


The domain should be easy to speak & memorable:

Like it should be easy for a normal mind to comprehend and should have a catchy ring to it so that people easily remember it.


Keep it short and sweet:

Now it is very necessary that you keep your domain name short. No one likes to type and in domains you don’t have spaces, so there is a high chance if your domain name is lengthy then the other person might make a spelling mistake.


Add your brand name to it if possible:

Now let’s say you own a flower shop and your brand name is “mystic” you can think of a domain like say mysticflowers.com and so on which contains your business as a hint and your brand name too.




Do not use a number if possible or a hyphen:

Don’t use a hyphen as most of the domain lose their charm when they have a hyphen in between and also numbers but on the contrary, there are certain website which is pretty famous like for example 99acres, etc. So it depends on the domain name too. (The numeric point is debatable and may vary from person to personal opinion)


Do not do doubled letters

Avoid doubled letters as much as possible as it may cause confusion and may lead to spelling mistakes.


Do not waste your money on premium domain names

The most common and short domain names will be displayed on many domain registration platforms as premium domains, now in my personal opinion, there are many alternatives to that domain that you can own in just under 1000 INR or less. (But if you are loaded and want that premium domain like some people that fancy car number plate, then you can go on!)


So this was the 7 pro tips on how to select the domain name for your business.

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