Its not enough to be Google Digital Garage Certified Digital Marketer!


Yes that’s right we have two complete digital marketers at our firm and they both are #Google digital garage certified in the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.

Take a look
So this is a 40 hours course where we learn about planning, analytics, importance of different aspects in social media, search engine and Google ads etc.

But does that make us a digital marketer ready for our customers?
ANSWER: NO, Nahi, Niyet, (No head nod)

As a digital marketer we face different types of businesses daily and sometimes which are out of that course. I love Google for making such a course, it gives us a revision on what is important (Despite of the fact that it is lengthy! And makes me feel like back to school exams while taking it!)

But no on a serious note Google has done a tremendous job, I would suggest every businessman who is online and is not getting results or who wants to get online should just try it out! (Trust me its better than scrolling through the fake news on social media! 😉

But for us it is important to understand the regional marketing techniques for the customers who demand local marketing which comes via experience only, its like #Amdavadi people and #Mumbai people LOVE #vadapav, but are the style and taste of Vadapav the same in both the cities! (Waah! Kya example hai author, isliye to to digital marketing expert hai, LOL)
So basically every project is somewhat unique and only the ability to improvise & adapt as quickly as possible makes us a digital marketer, ready for customers.

There are 100s of parameter which decide where the market trend will go and as a digital marketer we should be able to study them easily and fundamentals of digital marketing by google digital garage is also imp!
Here is a link to it:
Sign in & Become the Digital Entrepreneur You are Destined to become!!! (*kidding)

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Google Certified Digital Marketer

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