Why Ranking on the 1st Page of Google Search is Important?

Why is the earth round?

Why is the sun hot?

Why are we in lockdown?

(This blog was written during the COVID19 PANDEMIC)



Such questions have the simplest of answers and explanations, well mostly 😅

So here is WHY is it important to rank in/on the 1st page of google and you are rockstar if you are in/on the top three links!

1. How to reach it is easy! SEO almost takes 3 months of hustle on one keyword and demands time and sometimes even 6 months and gives you the result! (Sarcastically speaking: it’s pretty easy to achieve target!)

2. What does it take? Well, it takes hardcore sweaty dedication with unique and fresh content. Content is basically KING. I cannot stress this more, let’s name CONTENT = SIMBA (The LION King)

3. Backlinks: of course networking is also a key player in this.

This was just a brief, it takes a digital marketing expert, content writer, graphic designer, Website developer, And a buttload of patience!

To learn more about how to achieve 1st rank on google, please GOOGLE “How to achieve the first rank on google!”

So as we can see SEO is how you do it. I am not going to bore you with the technicality of it! Well, you are a grown man or woman You can Google! (Verify that you are a human 😉


Okay seriously like 90% of the surfers on google don’t go beyond the first page of results, like who would want to scroll to the bottom of the page and then click next! Unless you are looking for free, t***nt, ** or 🙁 don’t do that, that is bad for content makers like us!

Secondly, 60% out of the surfers who stay on the first page tend to click on only the first three links.

How does this work?

People search for a keyword, monkey see monkey click!

To win a whole lot of traffic of people searching for your keyword related to your business, you need to be there, all available and ready to be CLICKED!


First three links = MOST IMP

First Page = IMP

Rest = Work Harder to become IMP

PS: I found much better content and deep insightful website after the first page or search but it doesn’t matter, I am not the world bro and we are not the same bro!


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Aur bakee log Netflix and chill!






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