Before entering into any business, you must decide why you want to enter? Whether you are doing it for extra money, you will have a lot of fun but if you do business for supplementing your family income, you need to be more serious. There is no need for an MBA to be successful in the craft and art business, but how to cut the paper is not enough. It is not needed to have a business background, but you need to read about business is necessary. The business holder of art and craft need some qualities to reach their goal.

There are some following;

  • He must be self-reliant and straightforward.
  • The ability to be attentive yet adaptable.
  • The competence to interact.
  • Their primary attention should be on the customer.
  • The courage to tackle your uncertainties.

How to Begin:

  • Make a business plan
  • Decide the budget
  • List the required raw material
  • Make a pricing strategy

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