Reel to real is a world-class photography studio serving affluent photography services. Opening its doors in 2018 on the back of a strong existing photography business, the studio quickly gained recognition as a leading studio for photography services within the community.


Vision To be known

Run a small business by the 21 years old guy without any team and without any support, Reel to real had enjoyed a period of organic growth via word of mouth. To grow and put the feet forward advertising strategy would be a necessary component.

Knowing that there is somewhat like digital marketing and on-air but unfamiliar with how to get started. Fortunately, he made the right choice reached out to CPBG Digital to learn more about the different marketing options available to market his services online. coordinated with our team of experts to identify the best channel for his services, budget and target audience.

Make it More Amazing

As a small business with a limited marketing budget and started his business all alone. Opening the studio cannot generate revenue – the one should be found. It is essential for the company to craft a campaign that emphasizes driving as much organic traffic to the site as possible. To achieve organic traffic to the site CPBG Digital’s team created a series of new landing pages for the reel to a real studio and also collaborate with our content writers to enhance every page with rich keyword, action-driven content. 

By creating a unique editorial strategy like content across a variety of channels or mediums ranging from Blogspot to videos while also focusing on an organic portfolio of backlinks, anchor tag and also social media marketing.

Though it required a large initial investment to market over search engine and social media platform, efforts need to be paid off: reel to real photography studio now generates more than two-thirds of its online leads via organic search and social media marketing. 

As a bonus, the pricing structure of social media advertisements favored their photography industry.


“Find Your own Purpose”